Are so you bored with saying...

  • I'm stressed out all of the time  
  • I wish I were more productive and motivated  
  • I have little energy to dedicate to my business  
  • I'd work better if I felt better  
  • I'm too stressed out to make my dream biz happen?

You are ABSOLUTELY in the right place!

I get it. Two years ago I got really bored saying “I’m stressed all the time, my anxiety is bad, and it’s easy for everyone else to reach their goals.”  

All I knew two years ago was that it was non-negotiable for these phrases to stop being the norm.

I moved to Los Angeles and immersed myself in the wellness world. I tried different yoga styles, natural remedies, crazy juice combinations. 

And the moment I stopped feeling stuck and drained was when I realized the importance of aligning my mind, body and soul.

As of today, you've invested in your business. You've signed up for amazing program and courses, yet something's not happening. 

Before this, I was a social media strategist for biz babes just like you. Very quickly I realized that they're businesses weren't taking off because they didn't have good marketing strategies. 

They weren't taking off because they weren't implementing all of the knowledge they had access to.


Because they were too tired when they got home from their 9-5

Because they were doubthing that they could even make it happen in the first place

Sound familiar?

It's time to get real

Through private coaching, we'll work together to align your mind, body, and spirit so that you can drop the exhaustion, stop feeling stuck, and be the most productive you've ever been.  

How amazing is it to know that you have what it takes to have the energy to build the business that is going to change your life?

Imagine being able to make money doing what you love and having the time to spend with those who you care about most.  

See yourself ending your work day feeling inspired and not burnt out.  

Have the confidence that you WILL lead the life you want living from anywhere you want is inside of you.

My mission is to help guide you to align your mind, body, and soul so that you feel healthy, strong and confident from the inside out.

In this 8 week program we'll work together to

  • drop your self-doubt
  • find more time and energy to do what you are most passionate about
  • uncover your true passion and deepest desires if you're not sure what those are
  • have an action plan to achieve your goals - think accountability and implementation
  • learn to listen to your body to get you healthy and strong from the inside out 

What you'll get

(8) 60 minute sessions - each one beginning with a meditation

(1) 2 hour intensive at the beginning to dive in deep

Unlimited daily support through email and voxer for 10 weeks

(1) Private Kundalini class with a teacher trained instructor via Skype

Custom yoga flows aligned with what we're working on that week

Recorded meditations aligned with what we're working on that week

Self-Care Kit mailed to your doorstep



The INNER GLOW is all about foucsing on the inner you. Your inner glow is what you see in youself, how you treat yourself and speak to yourself.

We are often our biggest critic and this is what seems to hold us back.

You'll learn: self-care rituals, mindset work, meditation, and how to create a morning and evening ritual that gets you excited


Getting your outer glow to radiate is all about taking care of your body. This starts with moving our bodies in a way that feels good.

The focus here is to take care of your body so that you have the energy to accomplish all of your goals.

What you'll learn: how to listen to your body, to know what nutrients you're craving, and even understand the importance of aligning the foods you eat with your cycle and how to incorporate movement to release negative emotions and frustrations through yoga


This module is all about uncovering your passion and taking it to the next level. Even if you are currently balancing your business with a 9-5 things are going to happen.

You'll learn: how to uncover your passion, bring passion into your life, take your passion to the next level, and woo woo 101 to make it even more fun with crystals and moon meditations.


This is not a business coaching program. Yes, you will make progress in your business that you haven't yet seen, but that is a by product of connecting with the alignment of your mind, body and soul.

During our time together, I've got your back. I'm here to support you with daily emails and voxer (think 21st century walkie talkies), but it's up to you to implement and take action.

 I'm not going to tell you what you can and can't eat. I don't believe in a restrictive diet (or diet's at all). I believe in listening to your body and making those decisions for yourself. Through mindfulness practices, I will help you get there.

When I work with clients, I'm all in and I show up. This is what lights me up and is my passion, and I don't take the work for granted.

While the program is technically 8 weeks, I know life happens and if you have a vacay or special event in-between, we'll make it work and make sure you get all of your sessions in


Oh hey!! I'm Monica and I'm so excited that you are here!! 

Two years ago I got really board with saying that I was always stressed out, feeling stuck and overwhelmed. 

I left my draining job in the fashion industry (it was a dream job) and set out to create a career that allowed me to live on my own terms through social media consulting. 

During this time, I realized that my client's were dealing with issues beyond strategy that were preventing them from making moves in their businesses. They didn't have the time or energy and the most mazing strategy in the world won't work feeling that way. And I had been there too, prior to imerssing myself in teh LA wellness world.

After completing a 16 month life coaching trainining through the Divine Living Academy and beginning my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, I'm on a mission to make sure that every biz babe has the tools to align her mind, body and soul to achieve all that she desires.

When you choose to pay in full, I'll upgrade your Self-Care Kit to the LUXE edition which includes my fave luxe self-care products, right to your doorstep!