A weekend in Los Angeles

Last weekend I went out to Los Angeles to visit one of my college sorority sisters, as well as to attend the Katy Perry concert in celebration of our 24th birthdays (that were a few months ago). My favorite part about spending a weekend in Los Angeles is that I make an effort to visit (…)


Fall Outfit Essential: The Plaid Shirt

This shirt has been worn too much. There, I admit it. I've worn this shirt over and over again and today is only the first day of fall. The plaid shirt has always been a fall outfit official and Rails does plaid best. Rails plaid tops are so soft that you'll want to wear them (…)

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Best Fall Clutches 2014

The transition to fall is such an exciting time. It’s no longer weird to only order a hot drink at Starbs, everyone starts decorating, and it’s an excuse to revamp your wardrobe. I’m usually not a clutch girl because being hands free provides less room for disaster like forgetting my purse somewhere or dropping my (…)

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How to rediscover the city you live in

It happens to all of us, once we’ve lived somewhere long enough the glittering lights start to dim as we go through the motions day after day. I experienced this around year two of living in Dallas so I decided to be proactive and start changing up my routine and exploring the city. At the (…)


Colored leather jacket for fall

This weekend I got to enjoy a relaxing few days visiting my parents in Kansas City. There really is nothing like going back home and getting a chance to completely unwind. What made this weekend even more enjoyable was the amazing fall weather we had on Friday and Saturday. For the first time in months (…)

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Dallas Happy Hour: HG Sply Co.

Over that last few months I’ve been on a healthy restaurant kick. I love finding places that serve healthy meals, so you feel awesome when you leave and not like you just erased the workout from the morning. One of my favorites for happy hour in Dallas is HG Sply Co., which was started by (…)

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Travel Essentials: What every woman needs to pack

2014 is my year of travel. Since January, I’ve traveled at least twice a month. My wardrobe has suffered now that I’ve been spending my money on plane tickets instead of clothes, but it has been well worth it! I’ve explored new cities and old and re-fallen in love with these cities each time. Some (…)


Color Story: Blush & What Colors to Wear With It

Blush is starting to appear everywhere as we start shopping for our fall wardrobes. I think it is such a sophisticated shade and I’m excited to incorporate it as a neutral into my fall wardrobe. I love the idea of blush colored denim paired with an oversized navy sweater and brown riding boots. Or maybe (…)

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Hello September and The EveryGirl’s 30-Day Challenge

Labor Day is now behind us and we are 21 days away from Fall. The transition from Summer to Fall is my favorite time of year. Unfortunately, I refuse to live anywhere that gets cold, so that means I have to wait for Fall to arrive around late October or early November. So, as I (…)

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Hashtag Outfit of the Day

I find it so hard to dress for the triple digit weather in Texas, so when I know I’m going to be spending the majority of the day outside I spend twice as long trying to figure out what to wear. This outfit did the trick thanks to the loose fitting Elizabeth & James Hashtag (…)

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