Colored leather jacket for fall

This weekend I got to enjoy a relaxing few days visiting my parents in Kansas City. There really is nothing like going back home and getting a chance to completely unwind. What made this weekend even more enjoyable was the amazing fall weather we had on Friday and Saturday. For the first time in months (…)

Dallas Happy Hour: HG Sply Co.

 Over that last few months I’ve been on a healthy restaurant kick. I love finding places that serve healthy meals, so you feel awesome when you leave and not like you just erased the workout from the morning. One of my favorites for happy hour in Dallas is HG Sply Co., which was started by (…)

Color Story: Blush & What Colors to Wear With It

Blush is starting to appear everywhere as we start shopping for our fall wardrobes. I think it is such a sophisticated shade and I’m excited to incorporate it as a neutral into my fall wardrobe. I love the idea of blush colored denim paired with an oversized navy sweater and brown riding boots. Or maybe (…)

Hashtag Outfit of the Day

I find it so hard to dress for the triple digit weather in Texas, so when I know I’m going to be spending the majority of the day outside I spend twice as long trying to figure out what to wear. This outfit did the trick thanks to the loose fitting Elizabeth & James Hashtag (…)

Around Dallas: The Dallas Design Market

The Dallas Contemporary hosted the Dallas Design Market again this year. It’s a market where local artists set up shop inside the Dallas Contemporary. Free drinks are offered as you browse through the clothing, jewelry, and home boutiques. Outside there was a make-shift pool, food trucks, and a Steel City Popscicle stand, which was clutch (…)

45F Travels: A Weekend in Nashville

{ Frothy Monkey }  Two weekends ago I was back for a weekend in Nashville, surprise surprise. Once I fall in love with a city, I can’t stop visiting. It also helps that both my cousin and one of my bffs from college live there. What keeps me going back to Nashville is its authenticity, (…)

Never Again…Will I Wear Sweats on a Plane

Never again will I wear sweats on a plane. This may come shocking as I prioritize comfort when it comes to everything I wear however, I decided that how you present yourself when you travel is a reflection of who you are. Think about it, the airport is one giant building of first impressions and (…)

45F Travels: Houston

{ Macarons at Sweet } Two weeks ago, I was in Houston for a week long work trip. Houston is no new place to me. I lived there until second grade and have made yearly visits since then. While I am familiar with Houston, being there for a week exposed me to new parts of (…)