Desk to Dinner Dress

Last week, I shared the Anywhere Dress from Madewell as a dress that can be dressed up or down, making it appropriate from any occasion this fall. This week it's all about Madewell's Anytime Dress aka my desk to dinner dress. I wish you could translate touch through the computer screen because you will not (…)

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Western Trend Shopping List

When I learned last Spring that fringe and western was going to make an appearance on the fall trend list, I was hesitant. Like really hesitant. I felt like my friend Gentry was the only person who could pull off this much fringe without looking like she's on her way to the ranch. However, I (…)

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2014 Fall Bucket List

    Every Fall I like to come up with a Fall bucket list for the season. Some to-do’s are reoccurring like have s’mores at a bonfire (mainly because this one never gets checked off the list), but some are new. While I’m excited about doing all of these I really want to make an (…)

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Quote of the Week

I came across this quote last year and I love it because October is one of my favorite months of the year. The transition of fall is rejuvenating. The air is crisper and the anticipation of the holiday season begins. It's also a more social month because summer vacations have ended and not as many (…)

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The Anywhere Dress for Fall

When shopping for a dress, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is, "How many times can I actually wear this?" If I am able to include work, weekends, and date night to the list of places the dress is a done deal. Madewell definitely had this rule of thumb in mind when (…)

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Columbus Day Sale 2014 Favorites

It might not be as good as getting the day off, but at least we get a weekend full of fall sales for Columbus Day. I perused my favorite sites to check out their Columbus Day sale items and found so many great things...surprise surprise. Here are a few of my favorites from Neiman Marcus (…)

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Bloguettes Branding Workshop in San Diego

One of my favorite trips last month was to San Diego to visit one of my best friends from college and to attend the Bloguettes branding workshop. I love being in Southern California. Getting to drive through the hills and driving past the ocean is where I am at my most peaceful state. It is (…)

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The Perfect Weekend Outfit

The perfect weekend outfit is jeans and a t-shirt plain and simple. What makes this a timeless favorite? It's comfortable and easy - a canvas to express your attitude towards the day. If you're feeling edgy you throw on a leather jacket. If you're feeling girly you add a pearl necklace. I think it would (…)

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Wear to Work

When it comes to deciding what to wear to work I'm all about comfort. If I'm going to be sitting at a desk for 9 hours I don't want to be fidgeting because I'm uncomfortable because of what I'm wearing. My favorite pant that I wear to work is from Joie. I have it in (…)

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A weekend in Los Angeles

Last weekend I went out to Los Angeles to visit one of my college sorority sisters, as well as to attend the Katy Perry concert in celebration of our 24th birthdays (that were a few months ago). My favorite part about spending a weekend in Los Angeles is that I make an effort to visit (…)