Quote of the Week

I came across this quote last year and I love it because October is one of my favorite months of the year. The transition of fall is rejuvenating. The air is crisper and the anticipation of the holiday season begins. It's also a more social month because summer vacations have ended and not as many (…)

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How to rediscover the city you live in

It happens to all of us, once we’ve lived somewhere long enough the glittering lights start to dim as we go through the motions day after day. I experienced this around year two of living in Dallas so I decided to be proactive and start changing up my routine and exploring the city. At the (…)


Nike Women’s Half Marathon – Washington DC

I have survived my second half marathon! After the amazing experience of running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco last fall, I was excited to participate in the Washington D.C. edition, especially because I had never been to DC. Both of these races are executed so well and you get your money’s worth (…)

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