This Girl’s Heart

Last night I got to live out a dream of mine that I’ve had for over 5 years, which was to see Mindy Kaling speak live. I’ve always been a huge fan of her humor, her writing, and her honesty about how women can be successful. Time after time, Mindy reminds us that if we’re (…)

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Here’s what your twenties is all about

Think back to 10 years ago and what you pictured your twenties would look like. Not gonna lie, I pictured some version of Friends. That’s probably what happens when you were raised watching every single episode on repeat (hi Mom, don’t worry! I wouldn’t have it any other way!) Looking back, what resonated with me (…)


That one moment that totally changes your attitude

I was working on my Road to Quarter-Life Miracles course tonight and while writing about the gratitude section, I got to thinking about that moment when I realized that I no longer had to feel like I had to wait until later in life to pursue my dreams and be truly happy. It has definitely (…)

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3 Things to do when you notice you’re comparing yourself to others

This week I’ve been exploring around Periscope and trying to get comfortable with it. I was really excited to find Haley Night’s Periscope challenge this week because it’s been so much fun seeing everyone else play around with Periscope for the first time. If you have been on it yet, I highly recommend it. It’s (…)

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  Tee c/o Fruit of the Loom // Target Robe (similar) // Mug // Pillow Believe it or not, me time, is rare for me. Even though I work from home and by myself about 45% of the time, I still find it hard to fit in me time. How’s that possible? Well me time (…)

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Super Exciting News!

Oh my gosh, I am so excited to officially announce my very first eBook! 28 Days To Detox + Revamp Your Wardrobe is a self-study course that will change the way that you look at your closet! It includes style exercises, worksheets, and reflection questions which will keep you engaged and motivated throughout the 28 (…)

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Class Pass

Over the past few years, attending workouts at fitness studios like Pure Barre and FlyWheel has become my favorite type of exercise. The problem is that most of these studios cost over $100 per month so there’s no way you can justify being a member of a barre studio, yoga studio, spin studio…and the list (…)

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We Run SF Nike Women’s Half Marathon

A few weeks ago I ran my third half marathon. It sounds strange to say because I’ve never considered myself to be a runner. There was a reason why I was on the cheerleading team, not the track team in high school. There was that time though when I was manager of the cross country (…)

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Quote of the Week 10.28.14

Last week I posted this image from Pinterest on my Instagram (@45Fairmount). It resonated with me because I came across it at a time when it was exactly what I needed to hear. I had to make a tremendous life choice, one that would bring risk and uncertainty, all while allowing me to chase a (…)

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2014 Fall Bucket List

    Every Fall I like to come up with a Fall bucket list for the season. Some to-do’s are reoccurring like have s’mores at a bonfire (mainly because this one never gets checked off the list), but some are new. While I’m excited about doing all of these I really want to make an (…)

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