Sakara Night Water

I’m a sucker for two things: branding and health & beauty products. I think I came across Sakara through a Facebook ad, and ever since then I’ve been hooked. I absolutely LOVE the Sakara Night Water. The night water comes in a pack of four and you’re supposed to drink one 8 oz bottle before (…)

5 Ways to start feeling healthier this week

With Fall in full swing (in most places) I was thinking about going into Fall with a healthy mindset. Rather than waiting until I get hit with a cold to bust out my homemade remedies (aka concoctions that make my friends run in the opposite direction of me when I make them), why not start (…)

Class Pass

Over the past few years, attending workouts at fitness studios like Pure Barre and FlyWheel has become my favorite type of exercise. The problem is that most of these studios cost over $100 per month so there’s no way you can justify being a member of a barre studio, yoga studio, spin studio…and the list (…)