5 Online Workouts to Try This Week

Raise your hand if you don’t feel like going to the gym, but are really getting the urge to workout. Or maybe you just moved to a new city and haven’t found a gym or studio you like yet, but don’t want that be the excuse as to why you’re not moving your booty. Or (…)

5 Ways to Naturally Ease a Hangover


Cinco de Mayo gets me every time. I love how it brings everyone together to kick off warm weather and the sunshine. Everyone’s wearing bright colors, the days are finally brighter longer, and everyone is ready to spend the evening outside. With this though, of course, comes the inevitable hangover – especially at 27. Gone (…)

April Wellness Roundup


I thought I was going to be doing wellness round ups more often but then, you know…life happened. But, I finally have another for you and I’m sharing what I’ve been loving this month so far! So far for me, this month has been a lot about slowing down (probs cause Mercury is in retrograde (…)

5 Ways to Boost Energy Naturally Without Coffee


Raise your hand if you get to 2 pm and you’re ready for your second or third cup of coffee. You sit at your desk struggling to decide whether or not you should give in or stay strong and fight through the afternoon to be productive. I definitely struggle with this a few times a (…)

The LA Babe Toolkit to bring out your inner glow


In my new LA Babe State of Mind series, I talk about the lifestyle changes that I adopted in Los Angeles and brought with me back to the midwest. These lifestyle changes are all about a balanced mind, body, and soul. Balance inward is what will help you bring out your inner LA babe glow. (…)

5 ways to stay active if you sit at your desk all day


Whether you work in a cubicle, have a corner office, or work from home, it’s safe to say that we probably all are spending way more time sitting at our desks than anything else. Like even more than sleep. By now we all know that the ways that our jobs are structured, it’s setting ourselves (…)

Why I went to an ayurvedic doctor for my birthday


I’ve been on a mission for about 10 years now to find natural and holistic ways to feel better and now I can add seeing an ayurvedic doctor to the list. After having my gallbladder removed when I was 13, my digestive system has always been a little wonky and I felt like I was (…)