5 things to do in Los Angeles

I feel so lucky to live in a city that has so much to do. With all these things to do in Los Angeles, there is really no excuse to sit at home doing nothing, except maybe traffic…This March, I’m all about The Breakfast Club, banana pudding from Barrel and Ashes, and a possible Lena (…)

Bloguettes Branding Workshop in San Diego

One of my favorite trips last month was to San Diego to visit one of my best friends from college and to attend the Bloguettes branding workshop. I love being in Southern California. Getting to drive through the hills and driving past the ocean is where I am at my most peaceful state. It is (…)

A weekend in Los Angeles

Last weekend I went out to Los Angeles to visit one of my college sorority sisters, as well as to attend the Katy Perry concert in celebration of our 24th birthdays (that were a few months ago). My favorite part about spending a weekend in Los Angeles is that I make an effort to visit (…)

Around Dallas: The Dallas Design Market

The Dallas Contemporary hosted the Dallas Design Market again this year. It’s a market where local artists set up shop inside the Dallas Contemporary. Free drinks are offered as you browse through the clothing, jewelry, and home boutiques. Outside there was a make-shift pool, food trucks, and a Steel City Popscicle stand, which was clutch (…)