Dallas Happy Hour: HG Sply Co.

Over that last few months I’ve been on a healthy restaurant kick. I love finding places that serve healthy meals, so you feel awesome when you leave and not like you just erased the workout from the morning. One of my favorites for happy hour in Dallas is HG Sply Co., which was started by (…)

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45F Travels: A Weekend in Nashville

{ Frothy Monkey }  Two weekends ago I was back for a weekend in Nashville, surprise surprise. Once I fall in love with a city, I can’t stop visiting. It also helps that both my cousin and one of my bffs from college live there. What keeps me going back to Nashville is its authenticity, (…)

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45F Travels: Houston

{ Macarons at Sweet } Two weeks ago, I was in Houston for a week long work trip. Houston is no new place to me. I lived there until second grade and have made yearly visits since then. While I am familiar with Houston, being there for a week exposed me to new parts of (…)

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{Dining in Dallas} Best Pizza in Dallas

After living in Dallas for almost three years, I can finally say I have experienced the best pizza in Dallas. I am so late to join the Canne Rosso bandwagon that it’s not even funny. People who have been in Dallas for less than a week have eaten at Canne Rosso. I’m not sure how (…)

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