Shopping Local at Chick Events KC

  One of the things that has drawn me to move back to my hometown of Kansas City is the increasing number of events and excitement around the city itself. Despite aving grown up, I don’t think I ever made it to Chicks Events before this year. Having the opportunity to go this year was (…)

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Go Blog Social 2015

In February, I attended Go Blog Social, a blogger and small business workshop, in Kansas City. I held off on writing about my experience because I was planning on attending their 2 day conference in March and wanted to write one comprehensive post about my experience. So here it is! If you subscribe to […] (…)

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Things to do in Kansas City

Can you believe it’s March? This month, things to do in Kansas City include treating yourself to a sweet treat in form of a homemade pop-tart, breathing the same air as Adam Levine, and shopping for your spring wardrobe. 1. I recently learned that Thou Mayest serves homemade pop-tarts. Words can’t explain how excited I (…)

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