4 Ways to create a successful Instagram Strategy

When people tell me that they’re frustrated with the look and feel of their Instagram account, they usually tell me it’s because it feels cluttered and random without a cohesive message or purpose. Part of having an Instagram strategy that works is getting clear on your brand and messaging. You need to get clear on (…)


Instagram Changes and what to do

By now y’all have definitely heard about the changes coming to Instagram…but seriously there is not reason to freak out about it. The changes to the algorithm mean that you’ll be seeing the posts that Instagram thinks matter most to you. According to Instagram, users miss 70 percent of the images in their feed so (…)


3 Tips for Editing Instagram Photos

I get asked a lot about my Instagram images from whether or not I take my own photos (I do) to what camera I use (my iPhone 5s) and how much editing goes into each photo. I try to do minimum editing when it comes to my Instagram images because I’ve found that the more (…)


3 Steps to a curated Instagram feed

Instagram is by far my favorite social media platform and is a place where I find daily inspiration. It’s also been an incredible platform to help grow my business. I’ve been able to gain followers who are truly my ideal client and have been able to meet other business owners and bloggers! Through my Instagram (…)

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It has been a while since I have been thinking about doing Instagram roundup posts, but I just haven’t been able to decide how I want to do it. Here’s a little BTS for you of what goes on in my head for what is in theory a pretty straight forward post: Do I want (…)

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Go Blog Social 2015

In February, I attended Go Blog Social, a blogger and small business workshop, in Kansas City. I held off on writing about my experience because I was planning on attending their 2 day conference in March and wanted to write one comprehensive post about my experience. So here it is! If you subscribe to […] (…)

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I met Taylor, the Texas blogger behind of A Pearl Kind of Girl, three years ago during a summer internship. We were both interns in the marketing department at the Michaels corporate offices in Texas. Taylor, our friend Tony, and I bonded over our love for Starbucks runs and sharing stories of our weekends. At (…)

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Meet Adrienne of Vanity Salad

Meet Adrienne of Vanity Salad! Vanity Salad is one of the latest blog coming out of Dallas, TX. VS covers lifestyle topics from fashion to beauty to music. I’m so excited that Adrienne was able to answer a few questions I had to her about her experience launching a blog while still maintaining a full-time (…)


Meet Rita Basconi

I am so excited that my cousin, Rita (and co-founder of the blog Pass the Sass), was willing to be interviewed for my “being 20-something” series. In the past few interviews, I’ve touched on women who have started their careers in the last 3-4 years. While I love learning about the early paths, I think (…)


Meet Andrea Franz – Public Relations Account Manager

Meet Andrea Franz, Account Manager at Crossroads in Kansas City. Andrea is one of the hardest working and positive people I have ever met. Full disclosure, she’s been my best friend for 10 years, so I’m a little biased. Ask anyone else though, and they will say the same thing. Andrea’s career in public relations (…)