Newsletters worth subscribing to


These days our inboxes are precious space between sifting through junk email and important emails, it’s hard to think that there’s an in between when it comes to my inbox. While I think he seriously has a point, I do want to share with y’all the newsletters that I’ve subscribed to for at least 5-6 (…)

4 Ways to refresh your home for Spring


Spring in KC started out with 80-degree temperatures followed by the 50s the rest of the week. Sounds about right. The feeling of Spring made me really want to refresh my apartment to reflect the new season. This had been in the back of my mind for a few days now, but I wasn’t really (…)

December PopSugar Box


I’ve loved a good subscription box for years now. I LOVE getting fun mail and this is a guaranteed fun surprise in your mailbox.   My love for subscription boxes goes all the way back to when Birchbox first came out and I probably received that for a solid 2-3 years and then switched over (…)


Hey y’all! If you’re following me on Snapchat, you can now find out what I’m wearing in my snaps! When you see an Emoticode in any of my snaps (I’ll tell you what exactly that means below), take a screenshot and use the ShopStyle app to see what I’m linking to! Just tap More in (…)

Top Instagram Accounts to Follow: Health

I love discovering new accounts on Instagram all the time. No matter what the niche, I feel that I still get inspired for creative new ideas to post on my Instagram account. I want to share with you some of my favorite Instagram accounts that I’ve come across lately and I hope that they inspire (…)

You don’t need to be an expert at everything

The most common thing I see in women when the start a business or a blog is that they feel the need to be an expert in every area, before they can get the ball rolling. They need to know exactly how to publish a website, understand the ins and outs of Facebook, how to (…)

How to stay visible on Instagram

As I mentioned in a previous post, a lot of people have been worried that the Instagram changes are going to make it even harder for someone to find you on Instagram, so I wanted to continue to make sure that y’all are best prepared as we await the complete roll out from Instagram. The (…)

What to do about Instagram Notifications

How many of y’all have noticed the posts going around Instagram asking you to turn on notifications so that you don’t miss any posts with the changes that are coming to Instagram? You may even seen the image with the cute little arrow over on my Insta. I’ve been getting asked if this is totally (…)

4 Ways to create a successful Instagram Strategy

When people tell me that they’re frustrated with the look and feel of their Instagram account, they usually tell me it’s because it feels cluttered and random without a cohesive message or purpose. Part of having an Instagram strategy that works is getting clear on your brand and messaging. You need to get clear on (…)

Instagram Changes and what to do

By now y’all have definitely heard about the changes coming to Instagram…but seriously there is not reason to freak out about it. The changes to the algorithm mean that you’ll be seeing the posts that Instagram thinks matter most to you. According to Instagram, users miss 70 percent of the images in their feed so (…)