Monica Woodhams

I got SO bored of saying “I’m stressed, overwhelmed or unsure of what to do”

I went on a mission, to leave these thoughts behind once and for all and I found the way through a mind, body, spirit balance and alignment.

I founded 45 Fairmount in 2013 as a lifestyle blog. 45F has always been a reflection of my current interests from fashion to travel to wellness. 

Fashion will always be an essential element to 45F, which stems from my background working as an assistant buyer in Fine Apparel for Neiman Marcus.

Today, the vision for 45 Fairmount is for me to share how I follow my daily affirmation of “living well with a side of bliss.”

My mission is to provide women with the tools they need in order to achieve a mind, body, spirit balance so that they are inspired, confident and take action to achieve their goals.

Growing up with constant health issues (stomach pain ALWAYS and gallbladder removal at age 13) that doctors could never find the culprit for, triggered my anxiety. This held me back from letting my true self-shine through and lead to a lot of self-doubts.  It wasn’t until that I focused on the importance of aligning mind, body, and spirit that I was able to alleviate these pain points. Removing these frustrations and ailments allowed me to open myself up to more space in order to get clear on what my purpose is and the confidence to take action to make it happen.

If you’re ready to get balanced and drop what’s holding you back check out my free LA Babe State of Mind training here!

Living Well with a Side of Bliss

Living well with a side of bliss means taking the time to live a healthy, holistic, and joyful lifestyle without feeling guilty of enjoying, well, guilty pleasures.

I live by following what my body tells me I need and trust my gut. 

In wellness this means that I take care of myself every day, being conscious about my gut health (due to having my gallbladder removed at age 13). I take my daily probiotic. I drink almond milk. I drink Chinese herbs when I’m sick. I meditate daily.

But because I’ve learned what my body needs, I know when I can have those french fries or the ice cream, and know how to pace myself.

I want to help teach y’all how to best listen to your bodies so you can live well and still indulge when it feels right.

When it comes to fashion, this mantra speaks true to me because I start with comfort first when it comes to any outfit. Fashion follows. You don’t have to be uncomfortable to look chic and put together. 

Life before the blog

Born in Texas, raised in Kansas City and Barcelona. 

Monica grew up from 2nd grade through high school graduation in the Kansas City area. Having a mother from Spain meant she got to spend 2-3 times a year in Barcelona visiting her grandparents and taking in all of the Spanish culture (especially the food). 

After graduating with a degree in Strategic Communication from Texas Christian University, Monica has worked in the corporate offices for major brands including Michaels and Neiman Marcus. She brings her experience from these top brands to the 45F lifestyle experience.