Starting your mornings with structure and direction to make your day more productive - featured on 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams

We’re officially halfway through June, so I thought now would be a good time to do a little Instagram roundup for y’all.

Making Mornings a Priority

For over a year now, I’ve been making my mornings a real priority in my weekdays. I’m not a morning person, so when I started to work from home it was very tempting to sleep until right before I needed to log on for the day.

I realized though that this was making my days just as chaotic as they were when I was waking up just minutes before I needed to head out the door to an office.

Over the last year, I have really nailed down a system that works for me when it comes to creating a morning ritual, so I’ve spent most of June really sharing with y’all about the benefits of making mornings a priority.

Monica of 45 Fairmount sharing her tips on a morning ritual that works

This picture above is one from the Moring Ritual Masterclass that I did in early June. If you’re ready to create a morning ritual that makes your days less chaotic and more productive, I would love for you to join my 5 Day Challenge. It’ll be a live challenge that starts June 26th. If you’re reading this after June 26th – no worries, you can still do the challenge, it just won’t be live, but you’ll get all the same content! Join Here.

A casual black Parker top with Baldwin denim styled by Monica Woodhams of 45 Fairmount


One of the most fun days I had this month was when I collaborated with Jenna of J.Lynn Designery and we spent the day at a studio getting out lots and lots of content for both of our brands. It was SO much fun and inspiring. I honestly think to this day it is one of my most fun and memorable days in my business.

A J.O.A yellow floral printed dress with a navy clutch worn by Monica Woodhams blogger at 45 Fairmount

Weddings & Events

This summer is a lot lighter on weddings and events than it was last year, which I’m not going to lie is kind of a relief because it felt like we were never in town on the weekends last summer.

I wore this JOA yellow dress to an engagement party and paired it with a blue clutch and gold choker. I absolutely love the dress and still can’t believe it was under $100. The print also comes in pants and other styles.

The best oysters in Kansas City can be found at Jax Fish House on the Plaza - featured on 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams

Weekends & Restaurants

It’s really not the summer if outer patios and oysters aren’t in the mix. My absolute favorite place to get oysters is Jax Fish House. I love sitting outside on the patio and ordering a cucumber cocktail or rose.

Other restauarants in Kansas City that I’ve been enjoying lately are:

Urban Table
Rockhill Grille
Bob Wasabi

A velvet rose couch at Dear Society a shop in Kansas City featured on 45 Fairmount by Monica Woodhams

Last week, I did some girl time exploring around Kansas City which meant popping into two new shops that I never had been in before including Dear Society and Do Good Co.

We also went over to Bare Med Spa and I had my first cryotherapy session – super cool! And then we got smoothies at Protein House, which I had never been to before.

So that’s all I’ve been up to so far in June, I want to know – what’s your favorite activity to do in your city during the summer? Comment below!

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