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Recent Finds I Love


{Outfit Details} I definitely go through phases on how much time I spend browsing the internet to learn more and find inspiration. Typically, I stick to 3-4 tried and true sites that I love, but other time’s all randomly come across something brand new and awesome and it gets me excited about finding new sites (…)

Charcoal Water Filter for on the go


I am a huge fan of charcoal and its versatility. It’s kind of the coconut oil because it has so many random uses that you would seem totally unrelatable. I was so excited to finally try out charcoal in the charcoal water filter form. In the past, I’ve used charcoal in three ways. + As (…)

Superfood yellow squash soup


I am a total soup lover. I love it year round, even during the summer. It becomes so much more important in the winter when I’m freezing my butt off. Superfood yellow squash soup is a lifesaver for me. It’s so important during the winter to be eating as many hot meals and hot drinks (…)

My Favorite Cold Remedies


Yeppppp, it’s that time of year where all of a sudden we wake up and are desperate for cold remedies. This is the second time this winter I’m quickly going to my cold-busting go-to’s and my lovely cousin messaged me yesterday asking for them, so what better time than now to write up a blog (…)

December PopSugar Box


I’ve loved a good subscription box for years now. I LOVE getting fun mail and this is a guaranteed fun surprise in your mailbox.   My love for subscription boxes goes all the way back to when Birchbox first came out and I probably received that for a solid 2-3 years and then switched over (…)

Holiday Wellness Gift Guide


I was really excited to write about the holiday wellness gift guide because my wish list this year is made up of quite a few of these! Whether these gifts are a treat for yourself to stay healthy during the stressful season, or for your wellness guru bff, you just can’t deny the power behind (…)

Holiday Gift Guide for the Boss Babe


It’s time for another holiday gift guide! Today’s is all about a holiday gift guide for the boss babe aka for yourself or for your biz bff! The idea behind this gift guide was to pick out items that are perfect for the office or keep you motivated and in the groove to get all (…)

Velvet Holiday Dress

I’ll take online shopping over in-person shopping any day. I never try things on at the story anyway, so that’s not usually a problem that I run into when it does come to online shopping. When it comes to shopping online, I tend to stick to the same brands and the same 3 or 4 (…)

Holiday Gift Guide for the Jetsetter


It’s here! My first gift guide of the season and I’m excited to start off with a holiday gift guide for the jetsetter because I’m in the midst of planning my winter travel. A trip to the Florida Keys is already booked for my lovely friend Rose’s wedding! I chose the jetsetter picks based on (…)

Our trip to Seattle and a nature-filled vacay

Although we get all four seasons in KC, I do still miss getting to do outdoor activities like going to the beach or going on a hike. By no means do I consider myself outdoorsy, like I’m def not going to camp out in the wilderness for a week. I do love outdoor activities like (…)

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